Edible Arrangements - Plainview

428 Woodbury Road, Plainview, NY 11803


*Please note, you must call (516) 933-0011 to receive the 10% discount* During these uncertain times Edible is giving back by: - Currently Edible is offering FREE SAME DAY delivery on all orders placed before 3PM - Edible is also offering a FRESH FRUIT BASKET (This basket includes a delightful assortment of perfectly ripe produce that can be delivered right to your door! Each Fresh Produce Basket is different from the next, so embrace our freshest picks of the day and place your order now.) This was done with the intent to help people and communities where they could not otherwise get to a grocery store for fresh fruit and have it delivered to their door with no delivery fee. One way to get children to eat more fruit and vegetables is to dip them in chocolate. Don’t believe us? Perhaps a trip to the brilliantly presented Edible Arrangements, Plainview, New York, will convince you. Making fruit and veg bouquets that are good enough to eat, Edible Arrangments don’t just sell chocolate covered fruits though. There are always packed boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables, in every color, ready to go.

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