Frequently asked questions


How do I know if a restaurant accepts Foodie Card?

All participating restaurants should have a green sticker on their window that states they are a Foodie Card member. However, as new restaurants are added daily, please click here for the most up-to-date list.

How much is a Foodie Card?

It's $29.99 a year plus tax.

Please note, new members receive a complimentary physical card for their first 12-months. After that, an optional physical card costs $5 extra.

For more information on the difference between a digital and physical Foodie Card, click here.

I lost my card, how do I get a replacement?

Please click here to request a replacement card.

How is Foodie Card affiliated with the Tri-State Restaurant Club?

Neil Foster started the Tri-State Restaurant Club in 2015 and also co-founded Foodie Card.

Once a Foodie Card is purchased, when will I receive it in the mail?

Your digital card will be available right away through our mobile apps! Click here to download our iPhone app or click here to download our Android app. If you have requested a physical card, please allow 7-10 business days for it to arrive.

Can I give a card as a gift?

Absolutely! You can give a card by clicking here. For all gifts there is a $5 one time processing fee. The recipient will receive the gift through email and be prompted to create an account to access their digital Foodie Card. A physical Foodie Card may be purchased for an additional $5.

My Foodie Card is about to expire — What should I do?

Nothing – just sit back and relax. Your card will automatically renew between the 15th – 31st of the month your card is set to expire.

How do renewals work? Will I be automatically renewed?

Your Foodie Card renews once a year. For example, if you card expires in March 2021, your card will renew on March 15th, 2021 so that you can continue to enjoy the program without interruption. If you paid for the physical card, the new one will arrive prior to the end of the month. If you’re using our mobile app, you’ll be good to go immediately upon renewal. If you would like to cancel your membership before it renews please email As always, we donate a full day of meals to those less fortunate for each purchase & renewal through our partnership with Island Harvest.

What’s the difference between a digital and physical Foodie Card?

Both the digital and physical Foodie Card give you access to member-only savings at participating restaurants. The digital card is available for free through Foodie Card mobile app. It is most convenient for quick-serve and fast casual restaurants. The optional physical card is free for the first year of membership, and available for a $5 fee upon renewal. Members often enjoy the ease of putting the card in the checkbook at sit-down restaurants. The choice between a digital and physical Foodie Card ultimately comes down to your preferred dining experience!

Members can manage their physical card preferences through the mobile app or by logging into their account via the web.

Don't see your favorite restaurant on our list?

Click here, select "Submit a restaurant", and fill out the form or just email us at with the full restaurant name and address and we will have our Sales Team reach out to them!

How much is donated to local food banks?

For every card purchased, Foodie Card donates 5% of the sale to Island Harvest, City Harvest, Feeding Westchester or Community Food Bank of New Jersey. The donation is directed to the food bank closest to you. The 5% donation is enough to give 1 person an entire day of meals (including breakfast, lunch and dinner).

I’m no longer interested in Foodie Card. How do I delete my account?

We hate to see you go! However, if you’re looking to delete your account, simply email us at and our customer service team will take care of it for you.


How Does Foodie Card Rewards work?

Every time you dine-out or pickup food from a Foodie Card restaurant, upload your bill through the mobile app or website for processing. You can keep track of your earned points on the Foodie Card site or app. For every dollar saved, you will be rewarded 1 point.* Upon reaching 300 points, you will be eligible to redeem a $15 gift card to, Walmart, Target or Visa. Claim your gift card right on our site or app and we’ll email it to you right away.

Learn more about our rewards program.

*Please allow 2-5 business days to review your rewards submission.

How do I get rewarded when I dine-in or pickup from a restaurant?

Using our mobile app, you can simply take a picture of your bill and upload it directly. We’ll review everything and approve it within a few business days. You can upload your bill through our website as well within your dashboard.

Do I get rewarded whether I’m eating at the restaurant or picking up my food?

Absolutely! You’re rewarded for dine-in or pickup from Foodie Card affiliated restaurants. Please note, not all restaurants honor Foodie Card for pickup, so please check the directory to confirm.

I received the wrong reward amount – Can you assist?

If you received the wrong reward amount, you can contact us here or simply email us at with all the pertinent information and we’ll make sure to get this resolved. Please include your full name, member ID, restaurant name, cost for the meal and the total amount you saved.

Do I earn rewards for the delivery & pickup orders I place through the Foodie Card site or app?

Yes! Since the transaction takes place online, points from money saved will automatically be added to your account.

Can I upload more than one receipt in the same transaction?

In order to provide you with the quickest service possible, we kindly ask that you upload each receipt as a separate transaction.

What if the restaurant doesn’t provide a receipt showing the discount received?

If they are unable to provide you with an itemized receipt, please take a photo of the original bill next to the credit card receipt. As long as we can see the reduction in price, we can approve your points! If it is a smaller place like a deli, bagel place, pizza place etc., you can handwrite the discount received on the receipt before uploading.

What information needs to be visible on the receipt to earn my reward points?

All receipts need to clearly show the following: 1) the restaurant name, 2) the date you dined and 3) the discount received. If a receipt is missing any of these three things, we ask that you please handwrite them on the receipt before uploading. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept credit card receipts as they do not show that the discount was received.

Dine-in & Pickup
(Order In Person or Call Ahead)

What should I do if I ate at a restaurant that is supposed to take Foodie Card, but they refused to accept it?

We’re sorry this happened to you! Please click here to file a complaint. Restaurants experience turnover and there’s a chance the new staff was not updated properly about the program. We’ll get to the bottom of it.

Are there black-out dates for dine-in and pickup?

A restaurant has the right to refuse a Foodie Card on all major holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Cinco de Mayo, Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, July 4th, etc.

Can multiple Foodie Cards be used on a single restaurant bill?

Only one card can be applied per bill.

Is there a maximum discount on a single use?

Yes, the maximum that can be saved in $100.

Can the card be combined with other coupons, discounts, or specials?

No, the Foodie Card cannot be combined with other coupons, offers, promotions or specials.

Can I use my Foodie Card for orders placed through 3rd party platforms like DoorDash, UberEats & GrubHub?

No, your Foodie Card cannot be combined with 3rd party platforms. Restaurants absorb large fees from these services and are unable to support further discounts. Please directly place your order the with restaurant (in person or by calling ahead) to receive the 10% off discount. You can also check to see if your favorite restaurant is available on Foodie Card Delivered and order for pickup through us!

Mobile App

How do I get started with the mobile app?

Download the iOS (iPhone) mobile app here or the Android mobile app here. Login with the same email and password used to access your account on our website. If you’re unsure of your password, simply click ‘forgot password’ and we’ll email you a link to reset it. Once you login to your account you’ll be able to access all of the amazing features on the app – restaurant directory, digital Foodie Card, rewards and more!

How do I change the name on my digital Foodie Card?

Email us at hello@foodiecard with your new name request and the reason for the change of name.

How do I display my digital Foodie Card?

Simply open your mobile app and click ‘Display My Card’ at the bottom of the screen. Show your server the digital card and you’ll be all set!

You can also open any restaurant listing and click the ‘Display My Card’ orange button at the bottom of the screen. The benefit of choosing the second option is that your restaurant will be pre-saved when you upload your receipt which will save you a step! Questions about rewards? See our REWARDS FAQs for more assistance.

Can I order food using the Foodie Card app?

Yes! Go to the 'Restaurants' tab and click the 'Delivery' icon at the top of app, view the list of participating restaurants, click 'Order Now' to look at a menu and place an order, then select 'Carryout' or 'Delivery'.


How does refer-a-friend work?

In order to receive the referral credit, the order must be placed through the link provided within your account as it is unique to your email address/account. The link is tied to your account so anyone that purchases with your link will automatically be associated with your account.

How much do I earn if my friend signs up?

The link also provides a customer with a $20 discount and once the customer redeems (using the link) you will be rewarded a $20 store credit for a future renewal or gift purchase. Please note, the $20 reward is only provided for new customers that sign up with the Foodie Card program.

Foodie Card Delivered
(Order Delivery & Pickup Online)

What makes Foodie Card Delivered different from other delivery services?

We have created a marketplace that's mutually beneficial for restaurants and customers. The existing 3rd party delivery platforms are tough on small businesses. Foodie Card Delivered is a more affordable, pro-restaurant alternative. Our delivery program allows us to support Foodie Card members, restaurants partners, and people experiencing food insecurity.

Is Foodie Card Delivered for members only?

We made Foodie Card Delivered available for ALL to help support restaurants. Our restaurant partners save more with every order placed through our platform! However, only Foodie Card members get 10% off and earn points for each order. Join now to start saving 10% on meals and getting rewards! Whenever someone becomes a Foodie Card member, we donate a portion of the proceeds to people experiencing food insecurity.

How can I place an order for delivery through Foodie Card Delivered?

Go to 'Order Delivery & Pickup' on our website or app, view the list of participating restaurants, click 'Order Now' to look at a menu and place an order, then select 'Delivery' and get ready to dig in!

How can I place an order for pickup through Foodie Card Delivered?

Go to 'Order Delivery & Pickup' on our website or app, view the list of participating restaurants, click 'Order Now' to look at a menu and place an order, select 'Carryout', then head over to the restaurant for your food!

How do I save 10% on delivery and pickup orders through Foodie Card Delivered?

All active Foodie Card members get 10% off their Foodie Card Delivered orders! Once you have selected what you want to eat, enter your Foodie Card ID # into the promo code box at checkout.

You can find your ID # on our website, click 'your account', go to 'Orders', and your number will be there! When using the Foodie Card app, click the 'My account' tab at the bottom and select 'My cards' to find your ID #. Your Foodie Card ID # can also be found on the front of your physical card. If you’re not a Foodie Card member and would like to start saving and earning rewards, join now.

Is there a delivery minimum?

Delivery minimums will vary for each restaurant. We allow partners to determine what would be most sustainable for them and fair to our Foodie Card members.

What is the delivery radius?

The average delivery radius is about 5 miles. Please note, some restaurants may have exceptions to this and will expand their delivery radius considerably.

How long will it take for my food to be delivered?

Delivery times will vary depending on distance and time needed to prepare your meal. Don’t worry, we will text you updates every step of the way!

How much should I tip my delivery driver?

We recommend always tipping your driver. The tip amount is completely up to you, but anything around 15-20% is greatly appreciated!

What are the Foodie Card Delivered service fees for?

This charge supports local restaurant partners and operations of our delivery program. We do not profit from any restaurant orders placed through Foodie Card Delivered. By paying this fee, you are contributing to our affordable platform that allows restaurants to service more customers and retain a higher amount of money from orders.

Why am I being charged a delivery fee?

Restaurants do their best to provide a fee that’s affordable for customers, yet allows them to cover costs. For that reason, delivery fees may vary but will never exceed $3.99. Many restaurants now rely on delivery to sustain their business. This fee goes directly to the restaurant so they can thrive.

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