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The awareness we’ve gotten from being a partner with Foodie Card has been immeasurable. It’s the lowest cost per acquisition we’ve seen thus far.

Lara Talt, Owner
Bell's Kitchen and Smokehouse

Become a restaurant partner

Join the Foodie Card restaurant loyalty program

For restaurants looking for new ways to bring in more revenue, the Foodie Card restaurant loyalty program can help you grow your food service business. By joining our program, restaurant owners can drive new customers, retain current customers, analyze consumer spending patterns, and increase overall satisfaction and dining experience. Learn more about how our restaurant loyalty program works and how your restaurant can participate.

It’s free to join

When you become a participating restaurant, you’ll immediately have access to thousands of loyal Foodie Card members.

Get more customers

Did you know that 80% of our members would choose a Foodie Card friendly restaurant over one that isn’t? That’s the power of Foodie Card. Join our loyalty program to get connected with more customers.

Support a good cause

The more restaurants that join Foodie Card means the more Foodie Cards we can sell, which ultimately means the more food we can donate. When you join our restaurant loyalty program you help donate meals to those in need. Foodie Card has donated over 100,000 meals thus far.

Restaurants that trust us

Foodie Card is a great partner to Lido Kosher Deli. They’re driving tons of new business and encouraging more consistent visits with our existing customers.

We saw a significant increase in sales from the moment we started accepting Foodie Card.

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